Jomblang Cave, a vertical cave with heaven-sent view

Jomblang Cave, a vertical cave with heaven-sent view

Jomblang Cave located in Jetis Wetan village in Semanu, Gunung Kidul regency, is a deep vertical cave that is famous for the view of the sunlight coming through the hole that looks like heaven-sent.

Situated 10 kilometers from the city of Wonosari and 40 kilometers from Jogja, the destination provides only a kilometer of smooth asphalt road to the parking location; the rest of the trip is nothing but rocky grounds.

The cave that has a diameter area of 50 meters was first discovered in 1984 by Acintyacunyata Speleological Club (ASC), a group of cave explorers from Jogjakarta.

Jomblang Cave is one of the hundreds of Gunungkidul cave complexes that are famous for their uniqueness and undeniable beauty. Located in a stretch of the southern coastal karst hills that extends from Gombong, Central Java; to the karst area of ​​Sewu Mountains, Pacitan, East Java, Jomblang Cave was once the site of the Amazing Race America shooting in 2011. This doline collapse type vertical cave was formed due to the geological process of land subsidence along with the vegetation on it to the bottom of the earth that occurs thousands last year. This collapse forms a sinkhole with a cave area of ​​around 50 square meters. In Sumatran Javanese, it is also known as luweng, so that this cave is often referred to as Luweng Jomblang.

Together with caver colleagues from Jomblang Resort, Raja Tour Jogja also tried to caving in this exotic cave. To enter the Jomblang Cave a single rope technique (SRT) is required. Therefore, anyone who wants to caving in Jomblang is obliged to use special equipment in accordance with the safety standards of caving in a vertical cave and must be accompanied by an experienced cave researcher. Before starting the search, a guide pairs the SRT set in our body while explaining the names and functions of each. The SRT set consists of seat harness, chest harness, ascender / croll, auto descender, footloop, jammer, carabiner, long cowstail, and short cowstail. Besides SRT sets, Raja Tour Jogja also has to use other equipment such as coveralls, boots, helmets, and headlamps.

After all the equipment is perfectly attached to the body, the adventure towards the depths of the earth’s stomach begins. Raja Tour Jogja and caver colleagues from Jomblang Resort left the basecamp to the lips of the cave which had been prepared as a track. There are several tracks in Jomblang Cave with altitudes ranging from 40 to 80 meters. Because Raja Tour Jogja is the first time down the vertical cave, the selected track is the shortest track and is known as the VIP track.

The first 15 meter journey from the VIP terrace is a slope that can still be trampled by feet. After that, continue down the rope for about 20 meters to reach the bottom of the cave. Anxiousness that had landed when floating in the air began to disappear as soon as my legs returned to the ground. My worries were completely destroyed when I saw the scenery at the base of the cave which invited admiration. If at the top as far as the eye can see, you will only see molten karst and teak hills, so that in the stomach of Jomblang Cave lies the green scenery of a very fertile forest. Various moss, ferns, bushes, until large trees grow tightly. Forests with vegetation that are far different from the conditions above are often known as ancient forests. Since the process of soil collapse down, this vegetation continues to live and breed to this day.

Raja Tour Jogja search did not stop at Jomblang, but continued towards Luweng Grubung by entering a very large entrance (cave mouth). Jomblang and Grubug are connected by a 300 meter long hallway. Various beautiful ornaments such as crystal stones, stalactites, and beautiful stalagmites also decorate this hallway. Before long, there was a roar of the river and a bright light in the darkness. Raja Tour Jogja accelerated the pace, curious to see what was in front of us.

A masterpiece of the Creator that is truly admirable in the presence. The underground river which is still one system with Kalisuci flowing profusely. The sunlight that penetrates from 90 meters high from Luweng Grubug forms a pillar of light, illuminates the beautiful flowstone and the deep depth of the cave. Water dripping from a height also beautifies the landscape. For a moment Raja Tour Jogja was unable to speak, there was only a feeling of amazement and fascination. Finally, with his own eyes Raja Tour Jogja can witness natural paintings known as the light of heaven.

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