Hellooo Raja Tour Jogja best friend !!! this time we will describe the Jogja city. City of most full beauty nature and culture. Destinaton City alternative traveler After Bali and Bandung. this city will make your vacation the best vacation that has ever been in your life. curious? let’s read it again!
The city is a city that can’t be separated from the center of the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. They always visit the cities that have the term “student city,” the city, city Tourism and culture, to enjoy theirtime off. An atmosphere of culture, tourism and hospitality ever present to welcome them. When they set footin the city, look, conviviality, innocence and friendliness residents of Yogyakarta. That’s which led to the term “Exceptional” not only for the city but also of its inhabitants. DIY is located in the South-central part of the island of Java, Based on landforms, the region of DIY that is divided into one city and four districts (Bantul, Gunungkidul,Sleman, and Tags) can be grouped into four units of fisiografi, namely Merapi volcanic activity reportfisiografi unit, a unit of fisiografi Southern Highlands or mountains of one thousand, a unit fisiografi Kulon Progo, Mountain and Lowland fisiografi unit. 
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Partially a result of its proximity to the Borobudur and Prambanan temples, and because of the Javanese court Kraton culture of Kraton Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta hosts a sizable tourist industry. Most tourists come to Yogyakarta as an accommodation base to visit Borobudur and Prambanan.


In addition,the example ofthe tourism sector that makes DIY as urban tourism which is able to create products of culture and tour is mis a promising religious ceremoniesand cultural diversity of the various religions,as well as the creativity of art and hospitality of the people.In addition to tourism,the cultural sectoris also the sector that attract tourists.DIY has a wide range of potential of culture, both culture saretangible (physical) orintangible(non-physical).The potential fortangible cultural heritage area, among others,  objects of cultural heritage while thep otential cultural in tangible as an idea, the system value or norm, works of art, social system or social behavior that exists in society.DIY has approximately 515 Heritage Buildings are scattered in 13 the heritage area. (source:eksplopedia). One example of the existence of cultural assets remains high the past civilizations are the Palace which is afair heritage institutions that still maintained its existence.In addition,the province also have a DIY 30 museums, two of them namely Ullen Sentalu, Museum Sonobudoyo Museum.

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Notable local tradions and marketplaces in Yogyakarta include:

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Well, now that was at least about the Jogja city, would you like to know more about the beauty Jogja? let’s immediately determine your holiday date with the Raja Tour Jogja

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Source : www.wikipedia.com

Galery of Jogjakarta City :

borobudur sunrise
borobudur sunrise


Hasil gambar untuk prambanan sunrise from drone
prambanan sunrise from drone


Pindul Cave
Pindul Cave


Hasil gambar untuk jomblang cave
jomblang cave


Hasil gambar untuk merapi mountain
merapi mountain




Hasil gambar untuk malioboro yogyakarta
malioboro yogyakarta


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ramayana ballet purawisata
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